Deegan to Race with NCTS

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Deegan to Race with NCTS

National Compact Touring Series


Racing Sensation Hailie Deegan Joins the National Compact Touring Series, Igniting New Excitement for Motorsport Fans

[Sandusky, OH] – The National Compact Touring Series is proud to announce that racing sensation Hailie Deegan to compete in the race at Sandusky Speedway on Saturday, August 19th. The highly anticipated partnership brings together one of motorsport’s most promising talents and one of the most thrilling racing series in the country.

Hailie Deegan, renowned for her remarkable achievements in various racing disciplines, is set to take on the challenge of the National Compact Touring Series. This announcement has sent ripples of excitement through the racing community and has already captured the attention of fans worldwide.

According to National Compact Touring Series, the deal was finalized after extensive negotiations between Hailie Deegan’s management team and the National Compact Touring Series officials. Both parties expressed their enthusiasm for the collaboration and believe it will be a mutually beneficial partnership.

Known for her success in stock car racing and off-road events, Hailie Deegan has amassed a substantial following of dedicated fans who eagerly anticipate her every move on the race track. With her talent, tenacity, and relentless pursuit of excellence, Hailie’s inclusion in the National Compact Touring Series promises to take the competition to a whole new level.

“We are absolutely delighted to welcome Hailie Deegan to the National Compact Touring Series,” said Drew Jach, spokesperson for the series. “Hailie’s skill and passion for racing align perfectly with our values, and we are confident that her presence will elevate the level of competition and add excitement to our events.”

The National Compact Touring Series has gained significant traction in recent years, with its engaging races and commitment to nurturing emerging talent. According to the series, the series has witnessed a surge in attendance and viewership, reflecting the growing interest in compact car racing.

Hailie Deegan’s decision to join the National Compact Touring Series is a testament to the series’ rising reputation and its ability to attract top-tier talent. Motorsport enthusiasts can expect to witness thrilling battles on the track as Hailie takes on other skilled drivers in the series.

Fans and followers of Hailie Deegan can stay updated on her journey through the National Compact Touring Series by following her official social media channels and visiting the series website.

About National Compact Touring Series:
The National Compact Touring Series is a premier compact car racing championship that offers high-octane racing action on diverse tracks across the nation. With a dedicated fan base and a commitment to nurturing talent, the series continues to grow in popularity and is recognized as one of the most thrilling motorsport competitions in the country.

Media Contact:
Drew Jach
Series Owner
National Compact Touring Series

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