Winter Warm-Up Rules – Freedom Factory Feb 12

Series Rules & Guidlines

Winter Warm-Up Sport Compacts Rules



ENGINE and TRANSMISSIONS Four- or Six-cylinders engines only. No super or turbochargers are allowed. No chemical power adders of any kind (nitrous oxide, benzene, nitromethane, etc.) are allowed. Four-cylinder engines may be pushrod, SOHC, or DOHC. OEM stock variable cam timing is allowed on all four cylinders displacing 2.5 liters or less only. Maximum displacement is 2.5 on all four-cylinder engines. Six-cylinder engines must be SOHC or pushrod only. The maximum displacement for six cylinders is 3.5 liters. Cars must use an OEM engine type and brand matching the make of the car (Example: any Honda Civic engine in a Honda Accord is allowed). Cylinder heads must be a stock type casting for the engine type and original displacement used (Example: No aftermarket heads). No engine swaps of non-stock engine types from other makes or models of vehicles are allowed. (Example: A V6 truck engine in a Dodge Neon is not allowed). The throttle body must be attached to the intake manifold at the stock location. Single overhead cam cars will be allowed aftermarket intakes and dual overhead cam cars will have to run stock intakes for the engine make. No fabricated manifold plenums are allowed. No mixing and matching of VTEC heads/blocks. 16V max cam lift .500 8V max cam lift .550. 16V stock intake manifold, 8V any intake manifold. Headers allowed. Any Throttle Body Any Injector 350 CFM MAX CARB. No antifreeze.




Transmission must match chassis manufacturer




3” max exhaust.


Weight Rule


SOHC 2150. DOHC 2250, 6 CYL FWD and  K-Series 2450, Maximum Weight rule 2750.

55% Left Side Percentage FWD or RWD allowed


Width Rule:


73 inch width measured at the outside bead.




Hoosier racing tires only 790 or 800 compounds.

No Tire Softener




Must use factory style suspension, no switching to 3 link/4 link/or dbl wishbone if not factory equipped

Aftermarket A-Arms permitted for camber adjustment

Lowering/Racing Springs Allowed



Body Rules:


BODY All exterior trim, including lights, body moldings, mirrors, etc… must be removed. All cars are required to have a front bumper cover, hood, both front fenders, windshield, all doors, (2 or 4 depending on model) both quarter panels, deck lid (must enclose trunk area), and a rear bumper cover. Pillars A and C must remain stock. Stock or stock appearing body panels must be used. Factory rear quarters mandatory aluminum doors and front fenders permitted. Stock appearing bumpers and covers, including made for oval racing or aftermarket covers, may be used if the shape, size, or style resembles the factory parts. Downforce, shovel, or dirt late model bumper covers are not allowed. Doors must be bolted or welded shut. Doors may be skinned.




4 point cage is mandatory. The main cage must be a minimum 1.5x.095

Front and Rear Piping recommended

Tails must be closed in

Must have a front windshield that can be glass or Lexan. All other glass must be removed.

No Right side windows

Quarter and Rear windows permitted

Must have a fire extinguisher

Must have racing seat, Full containment mandatory

Must have 5 point belts minimum within 3 years

Must have window net within 3 years

All fuel lines must be marked if in cabin must be enclosed

Fuel cells mandatory must have their own brackets and cans.

All lead must be painted white with car number

HANS, NecksGen, or similar device is MANDATORY. Must be certified no older 4 years old.


A Snell SA-approved helmet with no earlier than a SA2010 certification is required and must still have a certification tag inside. Helmets must be always worn while on the racing surface. NO Snell M rated (motorcycle) or dirt bike helmets will be allowed. Head Sock or Helmet Skirt is highly recommended. Drivers are required to wear a flame retardant SFI rated driving suit, in clean and sound condition with no tears present. Flame retardant racing gloves and shoes are also required. NO mechanic gloves.


Please Contact Bob and Andy only into regarding the rules. Ask before you assume anything.


Contact Information:


National Compact Touring Series

Andy Jach 312-722-4433 (Text Only)



North East Mini Stock Tour

Bob Guptill  207-577-2681 (Text Only)





Tech Official

Our Technical Inspector(s) word is final on car safety, personal safety equipment, and cars meeting these rules. If he finds something and tells you it needs fixed, get it fixed. If he finds a gray area or may need to implement a penalty, he will come to management, and we will come up with a decision and solution. Do not go to management if he told you something needs done or fixed with your cars. Suppose anyone, driver, crew member, family member, or team representative yells, argues, curses, or gestures anything in any way to our tech officials. In that case, that team will receive a penalty or be disqualified for that event. Being a tech is a challenging and thankless job, and they are there to make sure everyone is safe and on a level playing field.

NCTS has set these rules to keep everyone safe and as equal as possible for great competition. NCTS reserves the right to modify, change, or discontinue regulations in the interest of competition and safety. We want the best show possible for our associate tracks and our fans.