Series Rules & Guidlines

NCTS is a professional touring series. As a professional touring series, we always try to maintain a very respectful, clean appearance on and off the track. We expect the same thing from all our drivers and teams. Please keep your cars looking neat and professional looking. All vehicles must be clean, complete, and professional in appearance. All body panels must be on the vehicle, including bumper covers, fenders, deck lid, hood, and rear decklid/hatchback at the start of every racing event. Cars must have legible numbers (no spray-painted numbers) visible by race control and scorekeepers. Numbers on each side door and roof. All vehicles must have a readable, minimum 5” tall number on the windshield’s upper right (passenger side). Cars must have drivers’ names above the window openings on each side.

Tech Official

Our Technical Inspector(s) word is final on car safety, personal safety equipment, and cars meeting these rules. If he finds something and tells you it needs fixed, get it fixed. If he finds a gray area or may need to implement a penalty, he will come to management, and we will come up with a decision and solution. Do not go to management if he told you something needs done or fixed with your cars. Suppose anyone, driver, crew member, family member, or team representative yells, argues, curses, or gestures anything in any way to our tech officials. In that case, that team will receive a penalty or be disqualified for that event. Being a tech is a challenging and thankless job, and they are there to make sure everyone is safe and on a level playing field.

NCTS has set these rules to keep everyone safe and as equal as possible for great competition. NCTS reserves the right to modify, change, or discontinue regulations in the interest of competition and safety. We want the best show possible for our associate tracks and our fans.